May 09

Glory Oyong Correlation with P.K Oyong

Glory Oyong is a Presenter for KompasTV at www.kompas.tv for more information. Her correlation with P.K Oyong or P.K Ojong is that her grandpa is the older sibling of P.K Ojong. Of the few siblings, her grandpa was P.K Ojong older brother.

She is still family, however, she is not a direct descendant of P.K Ojong. She is still family nevertheless for sure.


Winner of 2008 Miss World University Indonesia

Link: http://pageant-mania.ephpbb.com/t1092-glory-rosary-oyong-miss-world-university-indonesia-2008

Wikipedia Link: http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glory_Rosary_Oyong

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